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Arunachal Pradesh to Get 1.37% of Central Tax

With the acceptance of new criteria of tax devolution methods of the 14th Finance Commission by the NDA government, Arunachal Pradesh is all set to get 1.37 percent share of central taxes, a four percent jump from the earlier share.

Earlier Arunachal Pradesh had the share of only 0.33 percent and with the new share, the state would now get an amount of 7,231 crore of central tax share, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju said in a communiqué here today.

The commission's report was placed in Parliament by Union finance minister Arun Jaitley on February 24.

According to the criteria and weights assigned for inter se determination of the shares of taxes to the states, the report suggests that Assam would be the biggest gainer among the north-eastern states followed by Arunachal Pradesh.

The commission utilised population, demographic change, income, distance, area and forest cover as the criteria to determine the share of central taxes to the states.

Among the North East states, Assam with a population of 3 crore would get 3.31 per cent, Manipur with a population of 28 lakh would get 0.62 per cent, Meghalaya (26 lakh population) 0.41 per cent, Mizoram (11 lakh population) 0.46 and Nagaland with 23 lakh population would get 0.31 per cent share of central taxes, Rijiju said.

Assam would get a total of 17,400 crore, Manipur (3,238 crore), Meghalaya (3,370 crore), Mizoram (2,413 crore) and Nagaland would get 2,613 crore, he said.