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Meghalaya Dy Speaker donates earnings for the poor

Shillong: Meghalaya Deputy Speaker Sanbor Shullai has donated all of his year's earnings, over Rs 18 lakh, to BPL families and people suffering from various diseases in the state.

Popularly known as a 'Poor Man's Leader', the 47-year-old South Shillong NCP MLA has donated all his earnings from August 2013 till last month, Rs 18,42,658, and Rs 7 lakh discretionary grants he received from the Assembly.

"I have donated all my year's earnings towards alleviating the condition of the poor and the needy in my capacity as a legislator and I am happy to see that I could contribute something towards a good cause," Shullai told PTI.

He said he intended to continue donating his salary to the "poor, the needy, and the sick."

Shullai's monthly salary of Rs 48,750 and constituency allowance of Rs 55,000 since August last year was handed over to the constituency's Monitoring cum Implementation Committee.

At least 199 beneficiaries including BPL families, poor students, and those suffering from cancer and other diseases got the money.

He also made contributions to sports and cultural activities, Committee Secretary A Marwein said in a statement here.