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'Bamboo processing centre needs upgrade'

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh governor Lt Gen (Retd) Nirbhay Sharma has emphasized the need to revamp the Bamboo Processing Centre (BPC) at Poma village for economic development. By revamp, he meant infrastructure development and upgrade of machinery of the centre.

The centre situated at Poma village, 12 km from the capital, was an initiative of former governor Gen (Retd) JJ Singh and inaugurated by him on August 18, 2009. The centre was created by the state government and handed over to the village development society to run it.

Sharma, during his recent visit to the centre, interacted with the officials, artisans and gaonburahs and advised them to take up proper commercial ventures. He expressed hope that the BPC would help in more ways than one to augment the socio-economic condition of the rural community, a Raj Bhavan source said.

The governor stopped by different sections of the centre, the stalls and charcoal kiln installed at the processing unit. He said horticulture products, handloom and handicrafts are available in the state, but in absence of proper marketing strategies, the products are not getting a proper platform to be sold and the communities producing them are deprived of their dues.

"The focus should be on marketing the local produce of the rural community. It can be done only if people stress on creating objects that have commercial viability and can be marketed," the governor said.

Referring to railway connectivity, Sharma talked about bulk production as that would reduce the transportation cost to a great extent, the source added.